Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Bonsai Tree - A Living Creation (Previously: The Bonsai Tree)

How can it be… a little tree… the bonsai tree?

How can it grow so small and beautiful and delicate?

I wonder how people can possibly decide which branch to snip and which one to tie up or support with wire. There must be a plan and some artistic choices that emanate from the one who beholds it, and sees the beauty that is yet to come.

Perhaps it’s like life and we are like a tree planted. We’re to grow and bloom wherever we are planted, but how does that happen?

Are we pruned? I don’t want to be cut or feel the pain of losing a part of me! I’d rather just grow and grow… I guess I’d grow into a gnarly mess. I don’t really want that. I’d rather look like a beautiful 100-or-more-year-old bonsai tree… loved and cared for and respected… something precious.

I guess I need to trust that the Creator planted me where I am… as a bonsai tree and gave me the ability to grow and sprout limbs and leaves. The Creator provides water and sunshine and even opportunities for pruning. Sometimes, the pruning hurts… man, does it ever hurt! I watch that beautiful limb fall away. Sometimes, though, the Creator lets me decide where to prune or where to place some wire support.

Somehow or other, my Creator and I, together, are watching over this little bonsai tree… of me.

I wonder what we are creating. In time, we’ll see!

Precious Linda, c. 2012

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