Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Letter to My Dying Aunt

I learned my aunt had been admitted to the "Comfort Care" wing of the hospital to spend her final days on earth. I was too sick to visit her so I wrote the following letter and poem, hoping someone could read it to her and she would be able to receive it. 

Dear Auntie,

I wish I could be there with you or even talk with you on the phone, but I am sick with a cold and cough and my voice is rather raspy, so I’m not sure if you could hear me well.

I want you to know how much I love you and have always appreciated your warm welcome to me and to my family, with a great big smile and a big hug. You have always welcomed us with joy and grace.

Thank you for your love and prayers for our family. (Thank you, too, Uncle!!) We really appreciate them very much. Thank you for the many, wonderful family reunions you and Uncle and your family have hosted. They were always great times, with many special memories to cherish. Thank you also for the delicious meals you have shared with us and with me, too!

I have always been impressed with how your family loves, cares for, and enjoys spending time together! Thank you for your part in raising your kids, along with Uncle, to be such fine, wonderful, caring, and loving people who love the Lord. Your love and theirs have been shared with so many other people, with spouses and children, with students, with the kids at the Y, and with so many others that I don’t even know about. Thank you for sharing God’s love with others, in the many and meaningful ways that you have and still do.

I love you and I’m going to miss you very much. I know the Lord is calling you home, but I will still miss seeing you and spending our special moments together. Thank you for showing me your knitting and telling me more about it at A’s graduation. I am so glad you were able to be there and I’m glad I could come, too!

I don't have much more to say, except that I love you and I always will because love never ends! Isn't that great!!

Yes, I have tears streaming down my face now. I wish I could be there with you and your family.

God bless you, in this time, with His amazing Presence and peace and with those who love and care about you, whether in person or in spirit. May He give you comfort as He gets you ready to see the KING of kings. God bless you in your homegoing journey and I look forward to seeing you when I get there, too! If you are able, will you please say, “Hi!” to Grandma (L) for me and let her know that her amazing love for me has been with me for all of these years, too, and I look forward to seeing her when I get there? Thanks!

I love you, Auntie!! Very, very much!! I love you for always!!

Hello and love from T and our family, with thanks, and prayers, too!

A Short Poem for You, Auntie!

It won’t be long now, until you see the face of our dear Savior!
How wonderful that will be!
To sit as His feet and listen to His words of love for you!
To see His beautiful face for eternity!!

God bless you on your journey!
I wish that I could come,
Along with you, now and forever,
But my work is not yet done.

Go faithfully, dear sister,
My very dear Aunt E, too.
Until I see you on the other side…
I will think of and miss you.

Go in peace, my dear one.
Our Savior is calling your name.
It won’t be much longer until
Together, with Him, you will reign!!

Praise the Lord for His love and goodness,
For His amazing peace and grace.
Find joy in His many blessings,
Until you see Him face to face!

God Speed and Happy Homegoing, Auntie!

With love and joy, as we celebrate this blessed event in your beautiful life!

Thank you for being such a precious and wonderful YOU and for being a vessel to carry God’s amazing love to others!

I love you, Auntie E, for always and forever!

In Jesus’ name, I pray, praise, and thank God for you and for His amazing gift of love, seen in you and through Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit! May your homegoing be a time of peace and joy! Amen and Amen!!


Precious Linda, 2013

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