Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Encouraging Poster Pics!

I've come across many "poster pics" on fb that I find encouraging and thought-provoking. I'd like to share a few that I found today at: Words of Wisdom, along with some comments and additional links. Enjoy!!

Poster Pic 1 - Learn to Love
This poster pic reminds me of a story about thorns and being thankful for the thorns in our lives. If you wish to read it, you can read it here: Thankful for the Thorns

 Poster Pic 2 - God will never leave you empty.
This reminds me that God loves us and knows what's best for us. If He asks us to let go of something, or even chooses to "prune" us, it's because He has something better in mind for us and for those whose lives we touch. God knows how to give the perfect gifts to us.

Poster Pic 3 - Searching
What a great reminder that I am the only one who can make changes in my life.

Poster Pic 4 - 7 Rules of Life
It's taken me quite a while to learn these rules. Some of them, I'm still learning. Even so, I believe they are all true.

Poster Pic 5 - The Best Place in the World
What an amazing and special place to be.

This is a great reminder of how what we think is not seen and our actions speak louder than words. It also reminds me that "faith without works is dead." I need to be sure my words and actions and thoughts are the same and coming through in my interactions with others.

Poster Pic 7 - I am Your Parent
I believe this is true of GRANDPARENTS, as well! :)

Poster Pic 8 - Beautiful Has Nothing To  Do With Looks
I like this saying. If someone knows that they are loved, they will be more open to listening to another and even, perhaps, look to them as a role model or mentor. These types of people, those who love us and we know we are accepted by them, no matter what, are remembered forever... just like my grandmother who died when I was twelve. Since love never ends, I know her love continues for me, too!

Poster Pic 9 - Faith is Taking the First Step 
Sometimes, I can be afraid to take the next step... in doing something new or in doing what I need to do. Interestingly, when I take that "one step," it opens up a whole new set of steps and opportunities that I didn't have before! Although, I don't necessarily know where my "first step" or the next one will lead to, I can take those steps with that God know where they lead. If I follow His lead or His "still, small voice," I know He will be there beside and within me, giving me the strength and wisdom to do what He asks of me and "make my path straight." I hadn't really thought that "just one step" can also be a step of faith, when we don't know where we are going or what will happen. Even so, the Lord is with me and also with you, if we just acknowledge and trust Him.

Poster Pic 10 - Friends That are Like Family
On days when my family seems distant or far away, it's nice to know that friends who love me and show me trust, honesty, love, and respect are truly "family" to me and will always be family to me! Thank you to those of you who are friends like that to me!

Poster Pic 11 - 8 Things to Give Up
This is a great reminder of things to give up... not necessarily" just for Lent" or for a season, but in order to be a healthy, integrated self. I'm still learning how to "give up" these things and probably will always need to make conscious choices to choose to think differently. I think it would also be helpful for me to replace these choices with confidence, thankfulness, courage, encouragement, affirmations, making decisions and moving on, humility, and self-awareness and acceptance.

Poster Pic 12 - The Most Beautiful People
Oftentimes, we do not know the stories behind the lives of people, even when we think we know the person well, and the struggles and difficulties they have gone through or are going through. This poster pic reminds me of a poetic story, The Most Beautiful Flower, by Cheryl Costello-Forshey. It has an unexpected twist that I think will touch your heart. May you find it beautiful, too, and may you find yourself, becoming more and more beautiful on the inside, as well! You can read it at: "The Most Beautiful Flower" and other poems, too!

Well, that's all for now! I hope you enjoyed these poster pics with me!

Precious Linda

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