Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scary and Sacred Places

My pastor wrote a play, a few years ago, about the 23rd Psalm and it was performed as a reader's theater on a Sunday morning. At one point, the sheep were told to go back to the "scary and sacred places" where some terrifying things had occurred. I wasn't sure why the pastor had called them "scary and sacred" and began to write an e-mail asking him about it.

As I wrote, God showed me that the only difference between the words "scared" and "sacred" is the placement of the letter "C". AHHHH!!! So it is with our lives. Our circumstances can be looked upon as "scary" or "sacred" depending on where we place Christ in our lives and in that circumstance!!!

What an eye-opener that was for me back then!!! And, how true it still is today - the importance of keeping our eyes focused on Christ and seeing every aspect of our lives from His perspective.

Precious Linda, c. 2005

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