Friday, February 22, 2013

My First Step

There is a path I’m drawn to
   It beckons me, and yet,
I seem to shyly turn away
   When I begin to fret.

The path has tears and joys, I know,
   A place to go and roam
To bring to life my fears and dreams
   And places I call home.

I need to turn and face the path
   And listen to the song
That draws me closer to my dream
   The place where I belong.

So, today, I will begin anew,
   The thing I need to do
To bring me to the place I’ll be
   One with you and one with me.

 May this be the beginning
   Of a relationship with you
That brings us joy and meaning
  And purpose in all we do.                

Together, as we walk along
  May love be in our hearts,    
As we begin to sing a song
   And take a fresh, new start.

This path begins with just one step.
   I’m ready now, and so
I’ll take that step, with a breath of faith.
   I’m ready now, let’s go!

Precious Linda, c. 2013


  1. All right Linda, way to go.I love the poem.

  2. On February 23, 2013, I wrote:

    "Thanks, Dale! Thanks for your encouragement, too!"