Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beauty - Hidden Treasures (Previously: Beauty)

There are just some times, when life seems so same-old, same-old… as if I’m in such a rut or routine, that each day rolls by without anything seemingly significant happening. “What’s the use?” “Why bother?” I wonder. “What’s the meaning or purpose of life, anyway?!”

Then, I realize that other parts of life can seem so insignificant or homely, even ugly and non-descript… but that something… just something… even special… even what one might call, “Beautiful,” is hidden beyond the surface.

I think of cocoons and caterpillars hidden away from sight, in what might seem like an ugly or unimpressive home… only to become the home or birthplace… as if from a womb, ready to bear something quite remarkable and impressive… of a beautiful, colorful, lace-like design of a butterfly… something miraculously different than a caterpillar that can only crawl on the ground… and yet, it too, has a beauty in and of itself with colorful markings and hair and a furry body.

So also, a seed… a rather bland object… usually with a hard surface and no “picture book design” on the outside to tell you what it is or what it can grow into… and yet, unbelievably, when planted and hidden away, for a period of time, unique to each seed, it grows into something beautiful and totally different from the casing in which it was entombed.

Sometimes, I wonder, how and in what ways, we people, who may feel imprisoned in our thoughts or ways or pasts or busy lives… will experience a release from what we know and experience now… to become the beautifully transformed person that God has envisioned and designed for us… once we move from something dead-like, as a seed… to something fully alive in His Spirit! Who knows? Maybe before I physically die, I, too, will see the beauty of His love radiating out in multiple colors and ways, from myself and the people who walk in His power and light and love.

I look forward to seeing, more and more, the beauty God has envisioned for me and others and for all of His creation.

Precious Linda, c. 2012

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