Friday, April 18, 2014

I Saw Something Funny about Easter Eggs, Today!

I know Easter eggs have nothing to do with the true meaning of Easter (unless it's an empty one), but the "poster pic" shown below hit me as FUNNY!! 

The "rules" in our family have always been to hide eggs (plastic) such that they can be seen from "one angle!" Each person has their own color of eggs to find so they can remain in the game, without their eggs being picked up by someone else. We adjust the "challenge" to the age and ability of the person. Every year, it's a challenge to hide eggs for those "young-at-heart" people who still love to find eggs... including me!

The picture and idea shown above would truly be a challenge!! It reminds me of doing puzzles that are all yellow pencils or a scene of trees in the fall, bursting with one shade of brilliant yellow, or maybe a puzzle with a picture of marbles. Maybe this hunt would be like "Where's Waldo?" except he would be masquerading as a white ghost or something. 

For those of you who are tired of seeing "white" on the ground and are wondering when winter will be over, maybe you can have fun with this idea!!

I wish you all much love, joy, and peace in your hearts and lives, at this Easter-time, and always.

I wish a Happy and Blessed Easter to those who believe Jesus rose from the dead and offers new life to those who believe in Him, as Lord and Savior! 
For all of you, I wish you much joy, peace, and love, always!!

Precious Linda, c. 2014

I found the "poster/pic" shown above on Facebook at:

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