Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter and Merry Christmas!!

Without Christmas, there is no Easter. That’s why I still have a brightly-lit Christmas tree sitting in my living room. This year, its 1 1/2 feet tall. It reminds me that Jesus came to this earth as a baby, to be the Light of the world, to show us the way to His Heavenly Father-God. Not only that, He came to set us free from the ongoing lies of the evil one… thoughts in our minds that gnaw at us, day and night, trying to keep us from believing the One who can actually rescue us from those lies that drag us down to the depths of despair, loneliness, bitterness, unforgiveness, like heavy weights and baggage hanging around our necks, ankles, or carried in our hands or on our backs.

 Jesus came… not just to die... but also to live, to show us a way to live above and beyond our circumstances, to give us hope and life, not just for this life, but with our Father-Creator who longs for us to return home to Him… to a place of love, without judgment, to a place of love that redeems us and has paid the ransom for believing and trusting the one who is a liar, instead of the One who is Truth.

I look at this small, Christmas tree and remember God’s amazing love… to send His only begotten Son, not made or created, but the very essence of Himself… to live in this world, which is being assaulted with the lies of the evil one. God's Son came to bring us Truth… the message and hope of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. Not only that, but to those who believe that He is truly the Son of God and the Son of Man, the One who came to free us from the bondage and yoke of constant, fruitless unbelief…He has come to break those chains and set us free, once and for all. He offers us the gift of the Spirit of Life, of Love, of forgiveness and mercy… to truly give us life… eternal life, through the power of the resurrected Christ, a gift to us, the Holy Spirit who lives and dwells in each one who believes that Jesus Christ, came to bring us out of living in darkness to the place of living in Light, eternal life with Him!

May you enjoy a blessed Easter, as you celebrate Christmas, whether it’s today or tomorrow or years from now. I pray that this will truly be a day of joy, deep, deep within your heart and soul, not just on the day you say or said, “Yes!” to Christ, but every single moment of every day, that you, too, acknowledge the Power and Presence of His Spirit with you, within you, comforting and directing you, and doing what you could never imagine, in and through You!

May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you, now and always!! Amen!

Happy Easter and Merry Christmas!
Hallelujah! The LORD is RISEN!!

He is Risen, indeed!!

Precious Linda, c.2014

Sitting next to my little Christmas tree is the painting from my friend. To learn why it’s sitting there and what it means to me, you can read my previous post at:

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