Monday, January 6, 2014

If I told the truth...

If I told the truth...

I'd have to face my fears...
I’d have to accept whatever happened to me as real life, ugly and unbelievable as it was.
I’d have to find a way to accept my past, my parents, and others who hurt me or neglected me.
I’d have to own up to being not quite there… here… in the moment.
I’d have to come to the point of knowing that TRUTH hurts – it damn well hurts and the past cannot be re-written, and yet, in some ways, it can because, it’s over and will never happen again, to me, as it did happen to me, as a child.

If I told the truth, even to myself, I’d need to show compassion to the young parts of me that got stuck in their development and, basically, love and accept them and show tenderness to them. I’d need to forgive the evildoers and those who did wrong to me and harmed me.

If I told the truth, I would need to accept myself as I am, here and now, and do what I need to do to help myself, all of me, grow up in the ways God intended and intends for me.

If I told the truth? No, I will tell the truth and am continuing to tell the truth. I will grow up!!

Precious Linda, c. 2013

This was written last fall, while in a class, "The Lost Art of Personal Writing - Finding Your Voice," with the prompt of: "If I told the truth." 

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