Saturday, December 28, 2013

Santa and Mrs. Claus

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” and “Hee! Hee! Hee!”
Santa couldn't find his Viking’s jersey
The one for a boy named, Tommy LeRoy
Who thought it was better than a brand new toy.

He knew who to ask, when he was stumped;
His beautiful wife was such a trump!
Mrs. Claus was always jovial like he
And graced his presence with cookies and glee.

Yes, the two were certainly quite a pair
Living on cookies and delightful sweets to share.
They weren't too fond of venison, you know,
‘Cause Rudolph and the others would take that as a blow.

Mrs. Claus met Santa on his very first ride,
Trying out his new sleigh when it crashed into the side
Of a tree and a snow bank, causing Mrs. Claus to fall
Head over heels, looking like a snow ball.

Santa jumped quickly to save this young thing,
Thinking she was beautiful enough to sing:
“Oh, what a delight to my eyes you appear!
Will you marry me and become my Sweetheart, you dear?”

Mrs. Claus was shaken and quite a bit surprised.
Wiping snow from her face, she peered through her eyes.   
With surprise and delight and some mischief and fun,
She nodded to him and they became one.

A team of love to share with others, far and near,
On Christmas Day and every day, throughout the year.
If you travel up north, you will certainly find
Two of the most delightful people, of any kind.

Precious Linda, 2013

I originally wrote this at my Practice Writing Group, earlier this year. I published it on my "Writing for Fun" blog. Since it's Christmastime now, I thought it would be fun to share it here with you, too! Enjoy!

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