Sunday, March 10, 2013

Choices – Moment-by-Moment

This morning, I realized I cannot experience the love of God and fear or anxiety, at the same time. I cannot protect myself, emotionally, and fully praise God, at the same time, either. I can choose to have open hands towards God and trust Him, being ready to receive whatever He has to teach me or give to me, or, I can choose to have clenched fists, trying to protect myself and not being open to receiving anything from anyone. I can choose to face God openly, trusting His love, goodness, grace and mercy for me, or, I can hide my face in fear of Him and of others. I cannot do both, at the same time.

I believe, this is a moment-by-moment decision, whether I will trust Him or not.

Today, I hope and pray that I will choose to trust Him, no matter what situations I face, and believe He is with me always, with His love, mercy, and grace, giving me the strength I need to face any situation, together with Him, with His peace, wisdom, love, and grace.

Precious Linda, c. 2013

I never heard this song before, until this morning, but it has a great message for me today! “Jesus is All I Need” sung by Gene Watson -


  1. God bless you as you learn to be a trusting child in His presence.

    1. On June 9, 2013, I wrote:

      "Thank you, anthemsweet! God bless you, too!"