Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Held in the Palm of His Hand

I came out to the living room this morning, preparing to sit and write in my favorite chair, when I saw the figurine a friend lent me yesterday, sitting on the round table next to my chair. 

My eyes teared up with joy and delight, a surprise to my system and being, as I thought of God’s love for me, that He holds me such that nothing can ever snatch me out of His hand and, also, as I thought of my friend’s expressions of compassion for me, knowing that her thoughts are with me, wishing me the best, even when we aren't together.

As I gently picked up the small figurine and held it in my hand, I pictured and sensed the Lord, holding me lovingly, cradling me in His hands and arms and heart, with the love of a mother or grandmother for her beloved child or grandchild.

Lord, may I never lose sight of this thought, belief, and sense of knowing that you will always hold me close in the palm of Your hand.

I love You, Lord! Forever! Amen!


The bottom of this figurine is printed with the following:

Palm of My Hand

I will not
forget you…
I have carved
you on the palm
of my hand.
Isaiah 49:15

c. 1983, Roman, Inc.

See also Isaiah 49:15-16 and the verse I was thinking about: John 10:28-29.

You can find these verses at: and

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