Saturday, September 14, 2013

My House of Cards Fell Today

This was originally written in July and became rather long so I am only sharing the first part with you. I think you’ll understand the idea of what happened, as just being a part of life and growing up.

My house of cards came tumbling down,
I sat there and just looked around,
As things that once I thought I knew,
What once, I thought was really true,
I saw now as only a bunch of air.

I looked and wondered what had happened
To make my house of cards fall.
Was it faulty nails or glue or tape?
Or, maybe storms or an earthquake?
I sat there, not really knowing why.

And, then, I heard a voice from a quiet guy,
“You know, a house built on rock will stand forever;
While a house built on sand will always quiver.
Foundations are important, you know.
At least, you’re learning this. So,  
What will you do next, my friend?
It’s really your choice and not the end.”

Staring into space, I turned and asked, “Why?
Why didn’t I know this before?”
“Because you weren’t born as a full-fledged adult,
But only as a teachable kid.
What you learned from your folks
Is hard to decipher,
When all you want is
To be like him or like her.

Precious Linda, c. 2013

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